We are experienced management consultants and advisers


The Garner Partnership

We have the core technical skills augmented by broad commercial and geographic experience that provide the expertise you need. We are passionate about providing robust and independent advice rooted in realistic and sound analysis of markets, geo-politics and the cultural realities that affect how business success is achieved.

Our core areas of technical expertise include:

Economic assessment and analysis

Financial and commercial feasibility

Commercial due diligence

Market analysis and strategy

Organisation development and capacity building

Transaction support services

These core skills can be seen as the key ingredients that are mixed to create the right recipe to suit your specific business circumstances. We do not use typical consulting ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches that can lead to sub-optimal outcomes for the client.

The sectors of expertise we have direct experience with include:



Renewable Energy

Resource Efficiency


Building & construction

Innovative materials

Advanced technologies

Public sector enterprise and policy


Public Private Partnership projects

Financing and Feasibility

Our partners are based in key global markets:

Australia, China, European Union, South East Asia, The Middle East and The United Kingdom.

This enables us to provide a broad level of support that delivers superior solutions by combining technical expertise with local understanding of market conditions.

Are you ready to take your company global?